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Empires and AlliesEmpires and Allies


Size: 101 MB |Version: 1.106.1387781 |File Type: APK | Android 4.0.3+

Description :
Welcome to Empires & Allies: The critically acclaimed modern-military combat strategy game.
Deploy modern military troops and vehicles in a global war against terrorist forces.
Plan your approach, evolve your battle strategy and equip and train your army to fight the enemy.
Team up with friends and players from around the world to form an alliance. Share troops and resources to gain the upper hand in epic PvP battles and alliance wars in a battle for global domination.

Empires and AlliesEmpires and AlliesEmpires and Allies

Characteristic of Empires and Allies :
DESIGN YOUR ARMY from the arsenals of modern military. Deploy battle-hardened soldiers, veteran commandos, tanks, drones, helicopters, sentries with machine guns, laser guns, experimental tech, robots and much more.
DEPLOY THE WEAPONS OF MODERN WAR from tactical nukes and hellfire missiles to orbital strikes.
DOMINATE WITH MASSIVE HEROES – OMEGA UNITS – unique mechs each with their own strengths and attributes dominate the battlefield.
BATTLE IN ALLIANCE WARS with up to 100 other players as your alliance clan fights to control the globe.
DYNAMIC BATTLEFIELDS deliver increasingly difficult scenarios that simulate real-world modern war.
Characteristic of Empires and Allies mod :
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