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Zoemob Family LocatorZoemob Family Locator


Size: 14.73 MB |Version: 4.74 |File Type: APK | Android 4.0.3+

Description :
The ZoeMob Family Locator is a very accurate service to monitor your family with GPS technology. A safe way to track the location of your kids using an exclusive and private family map feature. Peace of mind for you when you are not close of your loved ones.
Who needs a family locator or safety mobile apps?
Parents with kids between 8 and 17, whose kids have to travel through city streets daily to attend school, visit family, go out with friends or go shopping with the family. And, of course, because they are away from their parents in many of these cases, they need a mobile app like family locator to stay safe and in constant contact with their parents.

Zoemob Family LocatorZoemob Family LocatorZoemob Family Locator

Characteristic of Zoemob Family Locator :
Location and family map: check the current location for all family members instantly. All the past location history remain available in the family map too.
Over Speed Alerts: get notified if your kids are in a car over the speed limit that you consider safe. In this way, you can monitor if their school bus is moving over the speed limit.
Places Alerts: be alerted when your family members arrive at school, at home or even if they are nearby or far away from a place you have determined in the family map (it´s like an automatic check-in!).
With Family Locator you can access your family’s information online with your cell phone, desktop computer or tablet to feel comfortable even if you aren’t near your children and family members.
It provides protection and safety anywhere with a dedicated GPS tracker designed for dads, moms and kids.
A reliable mobile Family Locator can help you to know where are your kids in real time.
Parents who use a Family Locator spend less time calling their loved ones.
Kids with Family Locator installed feel more freedom and confidence to move around city.
Family Locator can prevent your child of getting lost in unknown places.
The modern Family Locator apps are based on the state-of-art of technology to find your kids and get their location. ZoeMob Family Locator is less obtrusive than other tracker systems.
The modern world has become very dangerous for children and teens.
Characteristic of Zoemob Family Locator mod :
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Set up Instructions:
Download the Apk file on mobile or another device.
Transfer the file to your phone if you have not downloaded it directly to your phone.
Install the application or game on your phone.
It is very simple!

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